Below are links the HSE, Governments and Nursing Home Ireland, where you will find the most up to date information regarding Covid-19  

You can also contact us directly with any question or queries you may have regarding policies and procedures for Central Park Nursing Home in relation to Covid-19


Mission Statement

We are committed here in Central Park Nursing Home to deliver a caring health care service, in a home from home environment that fosters 560387 331072073655726 1468826857 nmutual respect for the rights and dignity of all, where care practices reflect a person-centred approach.
Our aim is to ensure that our residents and staff are happy. Central Park Nursing Home endeavours to provide a caring environment where everyone feels safe and happy.

We create a home from home atmosphere, where we will continually focus on improving and developing the qualities of care and hospitality and choice we offer our residents. We understand that people value keeping their independence. We respect privacy and encourage you to choose how your care is planned and delivered.

 We see our residents as individuals. We try to give as much choice as we can in day-today living and we support people in maintaining their independence. We hope that you will see Central Park Nursing Home as an extension of your former home and carry on your lifestyle as before, knowing that you have the care and support of our staff.

Central Park Nursing Home is a Member of Nursing Homes Ireland. We are committed to their shared vision and goals. Nursing Homes Ireland is the single representative body of the private and voluntary Nursing Homes sector in Ireland and is therefore a key part of the Irish Health Service. Their vision is to ensure that all residents of Nursing Homes will receive high quality care. As a single representative body Nursing Homes Ireland, alongside the Government and other key stakeholders can influence important health decisions and policies which effect residential care services. The Mission Statement of Nursing Homes Ireland states that Members are committed to the provision of high standards of care, support and respect for older people who are resident in Nursing Homes.

Staff are committed to:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life of Residents.
  • Preserving the autonomy of Residents, guaranteeing free expression of opinion and freedom of choice.
  • Maintaining a safe physical and emotional environment
  • Ensuring that the privacy and dignity of Residents is respected.
  • Being an employer of choice and providing continuous professional development and training.