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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the nursing home registered with HIQA?
Yes, we are fully regisitered by HIQA. Please feel free to look at our latest HIQA report located at the bottom of this page.
How many bedrooms are there and how many residents can you care for?
Central Park Nursing Home has a capacity for 67 residents. We have 37 single ensuites, 5 double ensuites, 9 double rooms and 3 single rooms. There will be a vast selection of day living areas, separate dining areas, church, hairdressing salon, treatment rooms, therapy rooms, swimming pool, meeting / conference room and visitors room as well as a very large reception area and a shop.
How old is the nursing home?
Central Park Nursing Home opened on the 15th November 1999.
What is and what is not included in the weekly/monthly rate?
Included in the weekly rate is:
  • Bed and Board
  • Nursing and personal care appropriate to the level of care needs of the resident
  • Bedding other than specialist beds
  • Laundry Service including personal laundry
  • Basic aids and appliances necessary to assist the resident with the activities of daily living
  • Daily delivery of newspapers
Not included in the weekly rate is:
  • All therapies
  • Chiropody
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Newspapers
  • Ophthalmic and Dental Services (residents without medical cards will be charged)
  • Transport (including care assistant costs)
  • Specialist wheelchairs
  • Hairdressing and other similar services
  • Social programmes
  • Any other service that may be agrees between the Parties
Are you in the fair deal scheme and if so how does this affect the costs?
Yes we are a NTPF approved nursing home. The cost is very individual and it depends on the medical and financial means and assessments of the resident.
Are there separate areas for people with special needs i.e. dementia, disabilities and palliative care and do you care for all types of patients?
Yes, we have a highly specialised dementia wing called "Memory Lane" that is staffed separately from the rest of the nursing home in order to provide the best quality care to all our residents and the special needs that they may have. Since opening "Memory Lane" we have seen a huge improvement in our residents suffering from dementia due to the tranquil surroundings and the freedom to do as they please without infringing on their safety.
Do the charges depend on the mobility of the patient or any particular illness they may have?
What are the visiting arrangements/times?
We have open visiting times as this is our resident's home and of course at the request of the resident.
How many different meeting areas are there?
There are many different meeting areas within Central Park. Visitors are free to meet anywhere within Central Park. We have a large reception area and numerous day rooms, but we also offer the use of our private visitors room.
Is the nursing home set on its own grounds that the patients can walk around?
Central Park Nursing Home is set on a 3 acre site. We have enclosed courtyards, enclosed garden areas, pitch and putt area, tennis court and landscaped walkways and gardens.
How far are you from the nearest town?
We are currently in the centre of Clonberne Village where there is a church, shop, community centre, pub across the road. Our nearest towns are 8km - Glenamaddy, Dunmore and Mountbellew.